Chances of second marriage in astrology

Astrologically, first of all these people need to understand their 7th relationship house energy, and condition of 7th lord.

Second Marriage In Horoscope and Astrology – an Ultimate Guide

There can be one or two or more planets in 7th house and 7th lord can be placed in difficult house or with the difficult planets. According to that they can manage or avoid their wrong kind of relationship. I have already written many articles about 7th house. For each ascendant 7th house ruled by different planets.

For Aries Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Venus. For Taurus Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Mars. For Gemini Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Jupiter. For Cancer Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Saturn. For Leo Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Saturn. For Virgo Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Jupiter. For Libra Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Mars. For Scorpio Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Venus.

For Sagittarius Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Mercury. For Capricorn Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Moon. For Aquarius Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Sun. For Pisces Ascendant seventh house lord is planet Mercury. So you need to check, what planets in the 7th house and the condition of 7th lord. If seventh house or seventh lord afflicted by Saturn then, the person need to marry after age Whenever they begin underestimating each another or the sweetness in their relationship is getting lessened, it might influence the satisfaction of their married life.

In the event that contentions happen in between the married couple or they are isolated from one another or there is a probability of separation of marriage; in that circumstance, the individuals can utilize the solutions for saving their married life and avoiding re-marriage. Following are the solutions for preventing second marriage:.

This cure ought to be performed on Friday in Shukla Paksha amid the favorable position of Moon in the astrology graph. The spot where you are going to perform this ought to be perfect and unadulterated. Wash it with Ganga water before you begin performing the cure. Sit on a woolen red cover facing towards the northern side.

After that, remember goddess Parvati and serenade the mantra.

The Chances for Second Marriage

Each time you serenade the mantra, offer green lentils to the goddess. Subsequent to recitation of Mantra, petition goddess Parvati to keep up the peace and joy in your married life. Take a square-formed wooden box. Fold a red colored material for four times and put it on that crate.

Likewise put the photo of goddess Parvati and light a diya with ghee in it on the right hand side and put green lentils in a dish. Offer all the green lentils to goddess parvati and afterward spin it around yourself for seven times and then feed it to some birds. Perform this cure consistently for 21 or 31 days with full confidence and virtue of sentiments.

Things will soon get enhanced and settle down. For more than one marriage, the main standard to be taken after is to take note of the sub-ruler of the seventh cusp. In the event that the seventh sub-ruler is either Mercury or any planet possessing a double sign, there will be all the more than one marriage. In the event that the sub-master of the second cusp is associated with seventh house; or even if it is joined with eleventh house; one will have an unlawful illicit relationship, as seventh house in the astrological chart demonstrates legitimate servitude while the eleventh shows connection and companionship.

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11 Reasons in Astrology for Multiple Marriages

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