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It is an optical illusion. It can feel like they are in conflict. Actually you are being asked to integrate the two sides of the story into a unified whole.

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And, yes, you can do it. It takes giving each part of the apparent conflict a voice and asking them where do they find connection? Then you start to build at that connection point. Mercury's square to Neptune creates the confusion that there are deep differences.

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Not so much. Again, take action in the direction that you know you want to head in and trust the process that the illusions of Neptune are there to make you NOT see clearly on purpose. Neptune likes to blindfold you so you have to trust the process or have enormous anxiety instead. Again, trust the process and show up. Other moments of excitement this month are Venus entering Scorpio on Sunday, October 9, immensely darkening and increasing the various passions of the energy. Venus rules or co-rules most of the sky so the energy of all the Libra planets shifts noticeably.

They all become VERY intense and perhaps a bit paranoid but it doesn't mean you are wrong as Venus assumes the mantle of the dark feminine destructive and transformative energy of Hekate or the Crone. Mercury enters Scorpio on Thursday, October 13, to become silent and profoundly deep in his thoughts and intensity around communications. Mercury remembers the emotional bones of the story. He is aware of the subtle emotional energy changes. Sun enters Scorpio on Sunday October 23, firmly embracing the killing season of fall and finances.

We can expect major stock market corrections this month. Power days when the personal planets sextile Pluto are. The last five days of October are especially strong, creative and abundant as a number of planets make startling and strong aspects to both Jupiter and Pluto who are in a creative earth trine with each other as a New Moon starts.

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Registration Deadline October 11, Have you always wondered about astrology and how it works? Have you wanted to know more than your Sun Sign? Have you wondered about behavior patterns in your family and friends that seem to recur over and over again? Are you in a "helping profession" and interested in a new tool that could help you help more effectively? Have you always wanted to know more about how the stars reflect the reality taking place on earth? Francis, St.

Anthony, St. Augustine, Culpepper, Parcelsus, Olympiodorus the Younger, Ptolemy, Regiomontanus, Bacon, Sepharial and the three wise men who followed the star to find the Christ Child, Jesus in studying the heavens to seek wisdom, understanding and guidance. During the 15 hour Introduction to Astrology Weekend Intensive, you will learn:. What you will have by the end of the weekend. Anne Ortelee is a charming, personable, funny and delightful astrological analyst, coach and speaker who educates and assists her clients or students with their life changes, growth spurts, evolution, integration and personal understanding of their world using astrology as an interpretive tool.

Anne provides in-depth astrological consultations for her clients. She teaches classes, workshops and speaks to groups in New York City and the regional area. Her articles appear in various publications and on the internet. Anne hosts three internet radio shows on Blogtalkradio. The column is read in countries around the world by thousands of readers.

Anne has lectured at astrology conferences since December of She was recently selected to speak at UAC in May , an International Astrology Conference which features over of the world's top astrologers. Anne is certified as an astrologer nationally and internationally. Bonaventure University. Prior to discovering astrology, Anne was a methods, procedures and statistical business analyst 3 years , computer programmer 5 years , technical software sales woman 7 years and owner of a computer consulting firm 9 years.

She also worked for America's second largest beverage firm, traveling across America 4 years , installing a computer system that kept track of every vending machine, visi-cooler and fountain in America! Anne's business background combines with her astrological training to create a detailed, grounded astrologer who understands both the world and the stars as well as how they interact and relate.

She believes astrology helps a person understand the seasons, phases and cycles of their lives. Working with Anne, her clients and students learn techniques to integrate their unique natal energy patterns. They figure out how to harness and drive their own cosmic maps, understand and master significant life patterns, and work with their problem areas productively.

Anne's focus is always on how to create a best life using the tools described by their chart. Please contact Nancy at Nancy bluerayofhope. Nancy will assist you with directions, accommodations and other registration details. Anne Ortelee's Website. The Mary Anne Show. I'd like to connect with you in a meaningful way that supports living your best life with astrology among the tools in your traveling backpack! Life seems to be moving so rapidly with all the outer planets shifting into cardinal, action oriented places. We are flying fast!

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Sign up for stuff you know you want. Remove the stuff you are finished and done with. Saturn is listening!

It is one of those critical moments in your life and for the chart savvy for every planet between 17 and 22 in your chart is committing to the next 29 years! The three radio shows I've been doing on blogtalkradio. If astrology is one of the ways you have fun, I encourage you to tune in and learn new stuff from the callers, my co-hosts and me. You can listen to us live or podcast them at your time and convenience. Convenient links are on my website and in the article below.

Feel free to pass it along.

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What is Happening in October ? A highly powerful, deeply transformative and exceptionally productive month, October promises to be a month we will remember for the rest of our lives. I started an internet radio talk show with psychotherapist, Mary Fitzpatrick. There is a tab on my site to take you to the show. There is a tab on my site to take you there directly.

We'll start Secondary Progressions Class on Thursday Oct 20, at to at Anne's apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan. Limited space. Contact Anne at anneortelee yahoo. Rates will be going up in Anne's website: www. Sit down with your calendar and mine to schedule your next appointment. In This Issue. What is happening in October?

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About 50 women attended. At pm, the Ceremonialist announced she had to leave for another party. We were all shocked! JeMaja turned and looked at Anne. We jumped in and took over!! We proceeded to conduct the rest of the ritual and ushered in an illuminating New Year. Time for all of us to Jump unto the Breach and become our own Leaders! We hope our podcast, The Astrologer and The Alchemist can be of service to you! Skip to content Scroll Down.